Clout.Art FLASH ZENDIT: Announcement + Participation & Pool Details

$SWAY Pool Opens on Wednesday, Oct. 6th, 12 PM UTC

Every day, 95 million images are posted to Instagram, and are viewed, shared, and liked by hundreds of millions of people. However, even the most famous, or infamous, posts have a short shelf life.

Clout.Art converts these pivotal moments in an influencer’s digital story into unique NFTs that are incredibly valuable to the influencer, their followers, and collectors. Moreover, it introduces a new economy layer powered by NFTs, that can sit on top of existing content platforms to align incentives for all participants in the process.

As a microservice platform and marketplace for NFTs minted from social media content, Clout.Art looks to empower the creator and reward the curators and followers with their built-in token incentives, starting by launching their native SWAY token on ZENDIT as a Polygon token! is getting ready to ZENDIT!

If you have previously whitelisted for ANY ZENDIT, you will automatically be whitelisted for our Clout.Art FLASH ZENDIT!

Pool Opens on Wednesday, Oct 6th, 12 PM UTC

What is Clout.Art?

  • For content creators and influencers, more often than not, advertising reduces the content quality and lowers the user experience and owning digital items that hold proven social value through’s NFTs will enable influencers to monetise their brand. In effect, they will be creating art from their posts — both old and new — while regaining the authenticity of their social media content.
  • is a platform with an integrated Web3 layer. Initially, it will be available for Polygon (MATIC), while in the future, we consider making it blockchain agnostic to include the ability to mint or bridge NFTs via Ethereum, BSC or similar. Creator staking pools (DCSP) will be available through the Polygon network first, with the intention to expand this particular functionality, starting with Moonbeam’s bridge to Polkadot.
  • The initial version of will sit on top of Instagram as a monetization and marketplace layer and will not require Instagram’s infrastructure and will be completely decentralized and decoupled and hence safe from being blocked or banned.
  • The main concepts, features and functionalities of the dApp will be: basic user access (login, user session), search, buy, sell or swap dex, user profile with collections, specialized minting (burn to mint), requesting mechanism, invitation mechanism, referral mechanism with DeFi (leaderboard and gamification), staking with individual creator funds.

Participation Tiers:

All participants who have joined any of our regular ZENDITs will be eligible to receive $250 allocation.

Round Tier and Terms:

  • Public Round Tokens
  • 10% unlocked on TGE on October 7th 11:30 AM UTC & 9 month vesting (10% each month)

Clout.Art FLASH ZENDIT Pool Details

IMPORTANT — Please note that the $SWAY ZENDIT pool will be launched on Polygon.

  • Token Ticker: $SWAY
  • Token Type: Polygon ERC-20
  • Total Raise Amount: $35,000
  • Total Available Tokens: 500,000 SWAY
  • Number of Pools: 1
  • Asset Pool Pairs: USDT/SWAY
  • 1 Pool: Flash Sherpa Pool
  • USD Token exchange offering Price: $0.07

Instructions for Whitelisting

If you have previously participated in ANY ZENDIT, you will automatically be whitelisted for our FLASH ZENDIT!


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About Clout.Art

Clout.Art powers the creator economy of the future by turning the most valuable content, such as your most successful Instagram posts, into unique NFTs. As a microservice, a marketplace, and a staking platform, is where creators and fans come together to create, grow or exchange social capital through the $SWAY token.

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