Crypto compliance: The next wave of user adoption

2 min readOct 24, 2023

In light of recent events, it is becoming evident that the next phase of adoption for the crypto industry is primarily being driven by institutions entering the space. With BlackRock and Fidelity currently in the process of offering crypto services, it is clear that compliance is becoming more critical to bringing institutional capital into this industry.

Compliance adds a new layer of complexity that did not previously exist in the crypto ecosystem as the pursuit of pure decentralization emphasized dissociation from compliance with traditional financial regulations. However, as crypto aims to integrate more fully into the real world, the need for real-world compliance on-chain has become apparent.

The challenge many new entrants now face in bringing traditional finance into blockchain is that compliance requires extensive processes and regulatory requirements that smaller crypto developer teams may lack the resources to implement single-handedly.

That is where MANTRA Chain can help abstract this need. By only allowing verified participants who have completed our KYC process to deploy applications within our curated “Guard Module,” as well as only giving KYC’d users access to these apps, we address compliance at the network level rather than requiring it separately for each dApp.

The KYC process is portable as well — complete it once and you can access all apps in the Guard Module. This lowers the barrier for developers who want to build compliant dApps for verified users but may not have the means to take on compliance responsibilities themselves.

If your goal is to innovate within the guardrails of traditional finance compliance in pursuit of mass-market DeFi products, the MANTRA Chain Guard Module is an ideal sandbox environment to deploy and access applications while still working within regulations designed for user protection and adoption at scale. MANTRA Chain aims to unlock a whole new realm of compliant dApp innovation.

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