PolkaPets World ZENDIT: Announcement + Participation & Pool Details

$PETS Pool Opens on October 26th at 12 PM UTC

*UPDATE- The $PETS ZENDIT sale will now be conducted on BSC instead of ETH while the tokens will still be airdropped at TGE on the Moonriver network!

Are you guys ready? We are incredibly excited to announce that MANTRA DAO will be taking our collaboration with PolkaPets World to the next level by launching their upcoming $PETS token on ZENDIT!

As a big thank you to all our MANTRA DAO PolkaPet holders, we will be allowing our PolkaPet NFT holders priority access for this ZENDIT with:

  • Exclusive access with a max allocation of $500
  • Entry into the pool 30 minutes earlier than other Tier participants at 12 PM UTC
  • Guaranteed whitelisted if applied through the whitelist form

With over $7.5M in sales, 4.1k NFT holders, and 600K+ partner audience, PolkaPets World is looking to become the next blockchain native IP of the future! As the next step of their journey, they will be looking to debut their native $PETS token as a Moonriver ERC-20 token on ZENDIT!

Polkapets World is getting ready to ZENDIT

What is PolkaPets World?

  • PolkaPets World is a universe with an NFT Collectible Card Game (CCG) where each card is embodied as an artistic creature called a Polkapet and represents a specific project within the PolkaPet ecosystem.
  • Main utility of the $PETS token including staking get NFT drops and exclusive content, governance to vote on IP direction as well as creative decision making, and used as earned reward tokens in the PolkaPets World universe!
  • The new token reinforces the PolkaPet World objective to introduce new users to NFTs and the wider Polkadot ecosystem, through partnerships with the most popular Polkadot projects including MANTRA DAO, Kylin, Astar, Ankr, Bridge and Moonbeam among many more.
  • PolkaPets is also backed by investors including Animoca Brands, Hillrise Capital, DFG Group, SVC, and Sandbox!

Round Tier and Terms

  • Public Round Tokens.
  • 30% at TGE, 23.33% per month over 3 months.
  • Sale will be conducted on the BSC network and tokens will be airdropped on Moonriver

PolkaPets ZENDIT Pool Details

  • Token Ticker: $PETS.
  • Token Type: Moonriver ERC-20
  • Total Raise Amount: $50,000.
  • Total Available Tokens: 166,667 $PETS.
  • 1 Pool: Private Sherpa Pool.
  • Asset Pool Pair: $BUSD
  • USD Token exchange offering Price: $0.3

Additional Details on Moonriver

As a ERC-20 token on Moonriver, a Ethereum-compatible smart contract parachain on Polkadot by Moonbeam, users will need to:

1. Follow the guide in this article to add Moonriver as a custom RPC

2. Click “import token” to import the $PETS token in Metamask 0x1e0F2A75Be02c025Bd84177765F89200c04337Da

$PETS ZENDIT participants will be airdropped their tokens on the Moonriver network upon TGE

Participation Tiers

Sherpas will be eligible to enter the highest participation tier they qualify for on a per-wallet basis. Each individual wallet may only participate in one Sherpa tier.

Applicants can hold or stake ERC-20, BEP-20, or Polygon OM. Supplied OM refers to OM supplied on ZENTEREST or zenOM. Staked OM refers to OM staked in our staking contract or sOM.

Our participation tiers for ZENDIT from highest to lowest are:

Holding a MANTRA DAO PolkaPet

  • Max Allocation Amount: $500

All other Tiers (EVEREST — Supplying 50,000 OM, ACONCAGUA — Staking/Supplying 40,000 OM, DENALI — Holding/Staking/Supplying 30,000 OM, KILIMANJARO — Holding/Staking/Supplying 15,000 OM or holding a “100M OM Staked” NFT, ELBRUS — Holding/Staking/Supplying 8888 OM)

  • Max Allocation Amount: $300 *All other Tier participants will only be able to join 30 minutes after PolkaPet holders on October 26th at 12:30 PM UTC

Instructions for Whitelisting

  1. Join the PolkaPets Telegram community: t.me/polkapetworld
  2. Follow MANTRA DAO and PolkaPets on Twitter:
    https://twitter.com/MANTRADAO & https://twitter.com/polkapets
  3. Like the official announcement tweets about the PolkaPets token launch (on both the ZENDIT and PolkaPets Twitter pages) and also retweet these tweets!
  4. Final step, complete this whitelist entry form before Sunday, October 24th, 12 PM UTC.

After the whitelist closes, we will be randomly picking a limited number of Sherpas for each tier who will have access to the pools and will be announcing the winners’ BEP-20 wallet addresses via our Twitter and Official News, and Announcements on Monday, October 25th 12 PM UTC.

Please note that even if you are randomly selected to access the pool this does NOT guarantee you have an allocation and you will need to act fast to take part in the pool!


MANTRA DAO is a community-governed DeFi platform focused on Staking, Lending, and Governance. It gives financial control back to the people, so that they may store and grow their wealth together. The MANTRA DAO team aims to leverage crowd wisdom to create a community-governed, transparent, and decentralized ecosystem for web 3.0. Initially built on Substrate as a Polkadot first project, it now also offers its services on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon.

Website |Whitepaper |Telegram |Medium |Twitter | LinkedIn | Github

About PolkaPets

PolkaPet World is an NFT project created in partnership with some of the biggest names in the Polkadot ecosystem. Each PolkaPet is embodied as an artistic creature that represents a Polkadot partner project.

Every pet holds unique project-specific utility that rewards community members for holding their PolkaPet NFT in their wallets. This could be a discount on fees, an airdrop of tokens to PolkaPet cardholders, or much more.

The $PETS token is the utility token used to engage with PolkaPet World products and services, as well as allowing governance rights and access to exclusive sales.

Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Instagram | Twitter | Medium



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