SolChicks ZENDIT: Announcement, Participation & Pool Details

$CHICKS Pool Opens on Tuesday, November 30th, 12 PM UTC

Are you ready for the Play to Earn wave on Solana? Looking to swap in your axies for some chicks instead? Well, we have great news because SolChicks is now coming on ZENDIT!

As one of the first NFT-driven gaming platforms built on the Solana blockchain, SolChicks has combined the best of both worlds into one INTEGRATED gaming platform so now you can enjoy UNIQUE NFT collectibles, and use them as main characters in an exciting virtual world.

Unlike Axie Infinity, you won’t just be playing to earn but can also gain a refreshing and real-time 3D combat experience. No project in Solana nor in the P2E landscape is mounting this attention to detail and live-action battles.

Ready to up your P2E game on Solana with SolChicks? With their recently released game demo, and soon to be open beta testing, their $CHICKS token will make its debut on ZENDIT as an SPL token!

SolChicks is getting ready to ZENDIT!

What are SolChicks?

  • SolChicks stands out due to its multi-functional platform where you can accumulate adorable collectibles, battle them in a PvP setting, sell them for a profit or breed them to grow your troupe.
  • Unlike other NFT projects, the play-to-earn functionality of SolChicks is enjoyable to all types of users through its large ecosystem and various in-game functions. With many updates set to make the game even more diverse and expansive, including the integration of an online marketplace, guilds, alliances, and more, the quality and integrity of SolChicks are incomparable to other developments on the Solana Blockchain.
  • With 50+ years of combined real experience at the leading blue-chip consulting, finance, and gaming institutions and organizations, and a track record of building successful crypto and blockchain projects, our team has the experience necessary to build a diverse and exciting universe for you to explore. The team has committed COUNTLESS hours of thoughtfulness to this project to develop a high-quality NFT experience that stands out amongst competitor products on the market.
  • SolChicks has secured partnerships with blue-chip cryptocurrency companies like Chainlink, Brave Browser, and more. They are also working closely with 0xPlay, a blue-chip game development team from Korea and the same team that brought us timeless classics such as Maplestory, Next Hero, Kart Rider, and Guardian Chronicles!
  • The SolChicks team prides itself on being fully transparent with all holders. Our 70+ doxxed person team is global (from 19 different countries) and the LinkedIn profiles are publicly available on the SolChicks website.

Round Tier and Terms

  • Public Round Tokens
  • 25% unlocked on TGE unlock and then a 90 day linear vesting period.
  • Raise conducted on BSC
  • Tokens airdropped & claimed using SPL wallet address

SolChicks Pool Details

  • Token Ticker: $CHICKS
  • Token Type: SPL
  • Total Raise Amount: $150,000
  • Total Available Tokens: 3,000,000 $CHICKS
  • Raise Conducted on: Binance Smart Chain
  • 2 Pools: Tier 0 ($50,000), Private Sherpa Pool ($100,000)
  • Asset Pool Pair: $CHICKS/$BUSD
  • USD Token exchange offering Price: $0.05

Participation Tiers

Sherpas will be eligible to enter the highest participation tier they qualify for on a per-wallet basis. Each individual wallet may only participate in one Sherpa tier and will also automatically be able to participate in the public tier if they qualify.

Applicants can hold or stake ERC-20, BEP-20, or Polygon OM. Supplied OM refers to OM supplied on ZENTEREST or zenOM. Staked OM refers to OM staked in our staking contract or sOM.

Our participation tiers for ZENDIT from highest to lowest are:

Tier 0 OLYMPUS MONS — Supplying 188,000 OM

  • Total Pool Allocation Amount: $50,000

Tier 1 EVEREST — Supplying 50,000 OM

  • Max Allocation Amount: $1000

Tier 2 ACONCAGUA — Staking/Supplying 40,000 OM

  • Max Allocation Amount: $800

Tier 3 DENALI — Holding/Staking/Supplying 30,000 OM

  • Max Allocation Amount: $600

Tier 4 KILIMANJARO — Holding/Staking/Supplying 15,000 OM or holding a “100M OM Staked” NFT

  • Max Allocation Amount: $400

Tier 5 ELBRUS — Holding/Staking/Supplying 8888 OM or holding a MANTRA DAO PolkaPet.

  • Max Allocation Amount: $200

Participation Tiers & Instructions

  1. Join the SolChicks Telegram community:
  2. Follow MANTRA DAO and SolChicks on Twitter: &
  3. Like the official announcement tweets about the SolChicks token launch (on both the ZENDIT and SolChicks Twitter pages) and also retweet these tweets!
  4. Final step, complete this ( entry form before Sunday, November 28th, 12 PM UTC (You will need a Solana address for this ZENDIT)

After the whitelist closes on Sunday, November 28th, 12 PM UTC, we will be randomly picking a limited number of Sherpas for each tier who will have access to the pools and will be announcing the winners’ ERC-20 wallet addresses via our Twitter and Official News, and Announcements on Monday, November 29th 12 PM UTC.

Please note that even if you are randomly selected to access the pool this does NOT guarantee you have an allocation and you will need to act fast to take part in the pool!


MANTRA DAO is a community-governed DeFi platform focused on Staking, Lending, and Governance. It gives financial control back to the people, so that they may store and grow their wealth together. The MANTRA DAO team aims to leverage crowd wisdom to create a community-governed, transparent, and decentralized ecosystem for web 3.0. Initially built on Substrate as a Polkadot first project, it now also offers its services on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon.

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About SolChicks

The SolChicks project was born from the desire to make NFT and gaming blockchain ecosystems more accessible to the population and the desire to create a world where crypto enthusiasts and gamers alike can come together regardless of circumstances. Our future is one that is decentralized, free from censorship yet totally secure.

We are strong believers that SolChicks will revolutionize the world of blockchain technology and we are proud we are at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of what is possible in cryptocurrency.

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