What is MANTRA Chain?

3 min readOct 16, 2023

MANTRA Chain is an innovative permissionless blockchain created for developers and institutions to easily build and launch compliant Web3 applications for financial use cases.

Offering a range of features and services, MANTRA Chain leverages the Cosmos Software Development Kit (SDK) to provide a secure and transparent environment for tokenization, investing, and trading of real-world assets.

This article explores the key features that make MANTRA Chain an increasingly popular choice within the crypto community.


MANTRA Guard is a comprehensive set of tools and services provided by MANTRA Chain to assist Web3 platforms in meeting regulatory requirements associated with cryptocurrency transactions and financial activities.

This suite of offerings streamlines and automates regulatory compliance obligations, enabling Web3 businesses to safely participate in the growing blockchain-based economy.

Key features of the MANTRA Guard module include:

  • Know-your-counterparty (KYC) protocol
  • AML/sanctions screening
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Tools for risk assessment and reporting
  • Tools for managing and tracking regulatory changes

MANTRA Token Service

MANTRA Token Service is a flexible and powerful SDK (Golang + NodeJS) that empowers Web3 businesses to create, issue, distribute, and manage their own digital assets on the network.

The toolkit enables businesses to develop compliant digital assets, adhering to various regulatory frameworks for fiat currencies, securities, commodities, and other financial instruments.

Key features of MTS include:

  • Creation, issuance, and management of fungible and non-fungible assets
  • Simple role-based access control mechanism, including freeze, seize, destroy, and transfer functionalities
  • Configurable yield and royalties
  • Predictable and low fees


MANTRA Assets is a user-friendly dApp that utilizes the MANTRA Token Service SDK to facilitate the issuance of security tokens on the MANTRA network.

The platform simplifies the launch of security tokens, enabling businesses, organizations, and individuals to represent real-world assets such as securities or financial instruments.

Key features of MANTRA Assets include:

  • Customizable token characteristics (name, symbol, issuance quantity, yield or royalties)
  • Ownership tracking, permission granting, and revocation
  • Automated processes, including dividend distribution to token holders

MANTRA Finance (Regulated DEX)

MANTRA Finance serves as a decentralized finance (DeFi) hub within the Cosmos ecosystem, streamlining the trading of real-world assets and capitalizing on growth opportunities in the traditional finance (TradFi) and DeFi space.

With its emphasis on speed, security, and efficiency, MANTRA Finance offers investors a seamless trading experience.

Key features of MANTRA Finance include:

  • Automated Market Making (AMM) technology for fair and efficient trading of real-world assets
  • Incentives for liquidity providers to enhance platform liquidity and competitiveness
  • Transparent order book facilitating efficient price discovery and trade execution
  • Interoperability across multiple blockchain networks within the Cosmos ecosystem
  • User-friendly interface ensuring ease of navigation and trading
  • Staking program providing rewards to participants
  • Dynamic fees aligning with market conditions for a sustainable liquidity provider ecosystem

Additionally, MANTRA Finance is in the final stages of receiving a Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA) license to operate a regulated crypto brokerage and DeFi platform. This regulatory compliance will allow MANTRA Finance to offer a range of products and services to retail, qualified, and institutional clients in the United Arab Emirates, further expanding the reach and impact of MANTRA Chain.

The Future of MANTRA Chain

Leveraging the capabilities of the Cosmos SDK and Tendermint, MANTRA Chain provides a secure and transparent environment for the development of regulated digital assets and applications.

With its commitment to security, compliance, and the inclusion of institutional and retail users, MANTRA Chain is poised to shape the future of decentralized finance and the broader blockchain ecosystem.

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